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Fans of Shisen / DJ Violet

Fans of Shisen / DJ Violet!
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This is Shisen.

This is drunken cybergoth Shisen.

Shisen is a goth/loli/cybergoth event producer. Some of his ongoing events are Violet Trap [goth/loli/queens], Android 666 [goth/cybergoth], and Majyo no Hanaen [goth/queens]. The websites for all three of his events are here. He's also a frequent DJ in the scene, playing events like Tokyo Dark Castle under the title "DJ VIOLET".

He's almost ALWAYS in some part of the Gothic & Lolita Bible, usually either under Harajuku Snap, the Events page, or just the random sporadic photo here and there. He doesn't model or anything, but he's definitely a prominent person in the "scene".

He's apparently good friends with Miri, Taroo, and Chihiro; Miri helping him do Violet Trap, Taroo with Android 666, and Chihiro with Majyou no Hanaen. I'm sure he's got Genet from AUTO-MOD down too, since Genet and Taroo are usually photographed together, and he DJ's at Tokyo Dark Castle. Also, Rob from Secret Secret is one of his buddies, hence the fact that there are several photos of Shisen at the first Kobe Underground Festival, courtesy of the Book of Secret Secret.

Here's a hilarious review of Violet Trap vol.2. Seriously, this guy is nuts. I was wondering who the gaijin with the green eyebrows was for a while!

DISCLAIMER: Just because we like these people, we'll put up one of these. We are in no way affiliated with any of the people or events listed, we just know too much. :x There are plenty of links, go learn yourself something!

NOTE: Due to a disagreement over the nature of this community, I will take the time to make this very clear: we do/will not condone the practices of spreading rumors, prying into personal lives, or "fangirlizing" about Shisen or ANYONE else, for that fact. We are here to chat and/or post FACTUAL news about Shisen, his events, his fashions, and even the general Goth scene in Tokyo; not for anything else. It would be greatly appreciated if assumptions weren't made about this community that don't even have any foundation. Thank you.
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